* 全て税込価格
商品名 旧価格 新価格
LINDEN BOX L 6,380円 7,040円
LINDEN BOX M 4,620円 5,170円
LINDEN BOX S 3,740円 4,180円
LINDEN BOX Lid 2,750円 3,190円
YUKI wood 5,060円 5,940円
YUKI wood (ペア) 10,120円 11,880円
STANDING MIRROR 41,800円 44,000円
BY TRAY TABLE 39,600円 41,800円
TROLLEY 42,900円 47,300円

Price Increase Announcement

In order to meet the expectations of our customers,
we have been striving to reduce costs by implementing a variety of operational efficiency improvements,
and have kept product prices unchanged.

However, due to the prolonged worsening of the economic situation and the rising cost of raw materials,
it has become difficult to maintain the current price structure.

Therefore, we have decided to revise the prices of some of our products as follows, effective from Thursday, July 1, 2021
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We appreciate your understanding of this unavoidable situation and ask for your continued support.

* Tax is not included in this amount.
Products Old price (JPY) New price (JPY)
LINDEN BOX L 5,800 6,400
LINDEN BOX M 4,200 4,700
LINDEN BOX S 3,400 3,800
LINDEN BOX Lid 2,500 2,900
YUKI wood 4,600 5,400
YUKI wood (pair) 9,200 10,800
STANDING MIRROR 38,000 40,000
BY TRAY TABLE 36,000 38,000
TROLLEY 39,000 43,000